Sustainable integration of renewable fuels in local transportation




SEAFUEL has installed a fully integrated pilot plant for the production of hydrogen from renewable sources and seawater on the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) in order to demonstrate the technological, social and economic viability of the implementation of renewable fuels in transportation.

 This pilot plant, the first renewable hydrogen refuelling station in the Canary Islands, will supply the project’s fleet of hydrogen vehicles with hydrogen.

This virtual tour, that has been developed as part of the project’s capitalization activities of, allows to visit the hydrogen refuelling station from anywhere in the world and shows its operation in a simple way. The tour contains basic technical information on its main components and the process that takes place in each of them.

To access it, you just have to click with the left mouse button on the interactive elements of the image.

This virtual tour has been developed by the Tenerife Energy Agency as part of its participation in SEAFUEL project (WP3- Capitalization).