3ª Reunião de Coordenação do projeto SEAFUEL na Madeira

3ª Reunião de Coordenação do projeto SEAFUEL na Madeira

Os parceiros tiveram a oportunidade de discutir o desenvolvimento do projeto e participar no workshop “Hydrogen for transports”, aberto ao público e organizado pela AREAM. Nos dias 14 e 15 de março de 2019, os representantes dos parceiros do projeto SEAFUEL, um...

SEAFUEL no Festival de Sustentabilidade “Loving Galway”

SEAFUEL no Festival de Sustentabilidade “Loving Galway”

O projeto SEAFUEL, co-financiado pelo programa INTERREG Espaço Atlântcio 2014-2020, terá um expositor na primeira edição do festival de sustentabilidade “Loving Galway”, que terá lugar do dia 20 ao dia 30 de setembro de 2018, em celebração dos espaços “Verde e Azul”...

➡️#FirstLegoLeague team arranged a meeting to learn about the #SEAFUEL project at @ITERtenerife's intallations.

The group was very interested in the #hydrogen fuel based technology and wanted to include it in their project for this year´s competition. #greenhydrogen


In an article published in @NatureEnergyJnl, @livunisire researchers, as part of @SEAFUEL_EU, identify the key issues and critical barriers hindering the development of seawater electrolysis for hydrogen production http://bit.ly/3bPJpJf

Very happy to finally share with you our first paper in 2020! Great output from @SEAFUEL_EU @AtlanticArea in collaboration with @AJCowanGroup and @TUBerlin Prof. Strasser. @RyanInstitute @ResearchatNUIG

👏👏👏Great output from #SEAFUEL ➡️ New reviwe article "Electrolysis of low-grade and saline surface water" a collaboartion of @Chem_light, @AJCowanGroup @TUBerlin @RyanInstitute @ResearchatNUIG

#SEAFUEL project is co-fiannced by @AtlanticArea

Sustainable and solar fuels @ UoL research group@AJCowanGroup

Check out our new newest review as part of @SEAFUEL_EU @AtlanticArea in collaboration with @Chem_light, @TUBerlin and @ResearchatNUIG at https://rdcu.be/b1OcB

Why do #Interreg #AtlanticArea projects matter? @AAiFADO #ATLASWH @SEAFUEL_EU @atlantic_geo are good examples of great projects, now sharing their experiences with moderation of @InteractEU #WeareAtlantic

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