H2 Refueling Station

Sustainable integration of renewable fuels in local transportation


Installed renewable energy

51 MW

Our innovative approach is based on the connection of the fuelling station to solar panels, wind turbines and ocean power and generate the fuel based on the availability of the resources.

Desalination plant

175 m3/day (2.4 kW/m3)

With the technological expertise of our partners, by the end of the programme we aim to run the stations from seawater with increased efficiency with the concomitant reduction of costs.

H2 fuelling station

12 kg H2/day at 350 bar

A pilot plant will be installed in Tenerife to produce hydrogen for public vehicles and solar energy will power the fuelling station and the desalination plant.

Technical crew vehicles

Maintenance works

ITER will partially replace the fleet of diesel fuelled vehicles by hydrogen-powered and these will be monitored to report back their performance to the studies.


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