Los socios del proyecto SEAFUEL participarán en el seminario inaugural del proyecto HUGE (Uso del hidrógeno y energía limpia) en calidad de experto para compartir su experiencia.

SEAFUEL - integración sostenible de combustibles renovables en el transporte local, cofinanciada por el  Programa INTERREG Espacio Atlántico 2014-2020 participarán en este seminario, que pondrá en marcha el proyecto europeo con temática similar: HUGE – Utilización de...

#Policymakers hold the power to scale up hydrogen solutions & deliver benefits to citizens:
✅ clean air
✅ energy security
✅ lower cost
✅ new jobs
What could #hydrogen do for you? https://t.co/X9jE4Xtx0Q

Britain looks to #Germany as it begins planning to produce "fully green" #hydrogen trains. Read more about their strategy here: https://t.co/RNUkToAx4D

#Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles have hit the market, but high initial costs and a lack of fueling infrastructure pose challenges to expansion. How can industry overcome them? New NREL research for @CleanEnergyMfg offers up some clues. Learn more at https://t.co/PEorwe2rB2

Great progress this week on board the MV Shapinsay with the installation of the #hydrogen tanks as part of the @HyDIME project. https://t.co/xg6Dxa1yxD

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