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Featured Case Studies

SEAFUEL is carriying out a full assessment of all regions within Europe, and also on a global scale, to deliver a set of case studies, including two feasibility studies.

Hydrogen Islands Readiness map

Map of Atlantic Area European Islands according to level of Hydrogen Readiness. This map is intended to be a starting point which surveys the current H2 context.

Scientific contributions


Highly Efficient and Selective Metal Oxy-Boride Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution from Alkali and Saline Solutions


Alkaline Water Oxidation Using a Bimetallic Phospho‐Boride Electrocatalyst​


​Water electrolysis: Direct from the sea or not to be?


Public preferences for the use of Alternative Fuel Vehicles – a literature review


Sustainable integration of renewable fuels in local transportation


Current hydrogen policy frameworks

EU Green Week 2019

SEAFUEL in Working for a greener Europe, 24 stories by transnational Interreg projects


Pre-trial studies. Examination of the existing transport in each of the special regions Árainn, Tenerife and Madeira


 Electrolysis of low-grade and saline surface water


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